What I Offer

Who I train

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and creating training programs for VFX Companies, Universities & Individuals. Working out what they want and the best path to get there. Focusing on both the areas that need to be covered and the best way to learn.

What I do

I focus not only on the topics of compositing that need to be improved, but also use proven training techniques from other industries in order to accelerate the learning of my students. Allowing them to reach their goals quicker in this highly competitive industry.


“Josh Parks is without doubt the best visiting lecture we have ever had. Having such a deep understanding of the subject of compositing is one thing. The harder part is communicating this to students is a clear and effective manor. Not to hard where people lose interest, not to easy, where people also lose interest but finding just the right balance and injecting this with interesting industry anecdotes and good humour keeps the classroom a vibrant and interesting place. This is what Josh excels at. He has a natural ability to read the crown and adjust his presentations accordingly. Josh’s knowledge is bang up to date while also paying respect to the underlying theory of what is he showing.”

Mark WalmanHead of VFX - University of Hertfordshire

“Josh's immense enthusiasm and ability to explain technically challenging compositing makes him an exceptional teacher. As well as helping me become a better compositor Josh has helped me gain a wider knowledge of the industry making it more employable. His honesty, professionalism, and knowledge have been an invaluable part of my education in Visual Effects.

Jack Pond / Compositor - The Mill

For Companies

I’ve worked with VFX companies around the world. Creating custom training programs for their artists, raising the level of their artists compositing skills. Allowing the company to take on more complex work within the world of VFX.

For Students

Studying but don’t feel like you’re getting an industry standard education? Got stuck while following a Nuke compositing tutorial and given up?

I’ve helped students who have no experience to those who are currently studying at University, get to the company that they want to work for. I can offer training that is very precise on a certain topic to designing a whole course to ensure you get to where you want to be quickly.

For Professional Compositors

Working as a compositor and feel like you may need to brush up on a particular topic?

I can help, I’ve designed training sessions to get professional compositors feeling more confident in areas they previously saw as a weakness.

For Universities

I’ve worked with the best VFX universities around the world. Helping them keep their courses up to date with the latest vfx tools and techniques, and keeping their lecturers up to date with what is needed for their graduates to succeed within the industry.


Get In Touch

Due to the high demand for CompositingPro’s Coaching service and my desire to deliver unrivaled training, I accept only a limited number of new training projects.

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