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Shangchi VFX compositing breakdown vfx
May 15, 2023

VFX breakdown Shang Chi shots with Matthias Eckhardt

Me and compositing supervisor Matthias Ekhardt breakdown two shots he worked on for the film Shang Chi. We talk about technical nuke skills as well as how the shots look developed....
March 20, 2023

Why join the nuke vfx community

I was recently asked by the Foundry to do a webinar with Adrian Pueyo and Tony Lyons, the webinar was on why to take part and contribute to the Nuke...
November 28, 2022

Nuke Compositing Beginner Course

Nuke Compositing Beginner Course The Foundry asked me to create a Nuke compositing tutorial for beginners. I designed the tutorial to drop you straight into what being a Nuke compositor...
improve the look of your vfx shots vfx
October 4, 2022

Improve the look of your VFX Shots

I was recently asked by the Foundry to create a short video tutorial for them, I decided to talk about balance and how to improve the look of your VFX...
August 1, 2022

The VFX Artist Podcast Interview

I was recently asked to do an interview with the VFX Artist podcast, we cover the ups and downs of life as a compostior, new technology being used as well...
VFX compositing Interview vfx
February 15, 2022

VFX Talks Compositing Interview

I was recently asked to do an interview with VFX Talks we cover the best way to train in compositing, how to progress in the industry, getting your first job...

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How to Composite CG Renders in Nuke

How to composite cg renders in Nuke I was recently asked to do a webinar for the foundry where I covered grade matching, I've decided to release the pre-recorded videos... Read More
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Make A VFX Portfolio Website In Under An Hour – A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Every VFX artist needs a portfolio, to ensure that recruiters have a way to find all the information about you. It can be extremely simple looking and take very little…

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How to tech check your compositing shot in Nuke

What is tech checking in Nuke? Tech checking in Nuke is all about spotting technical errors such as edges or roto shapes being left on etc. Any errors that aren't... Read More