Nuke Compositing Tutorials

Taught by a compositor

working in the VFX industry

“The training is great. I am a VFX Supervisor at MPC NY and come from CG/Lightning.
I always look for better ways to express my self to my team and watching your videos certainly helps. Great stuff and keep on making them. Worth every penny.” – Vadim Turchin / MPC VFX Supervisor

Nuke Keying & Despill Masterclass


Josh Parks, demonstrates how to use professional keying techniques he’s used at companies such as Industrial Light & Magic, MPC & Double Negative.

Nuke Particles Compositing Beginner to Advanced

Josh Parks, demonstrates how to use professional Nuke Particle Compositing techniques he’s used on Film & TV to create production-ready Nuke particle setups.

Nuke CG Compositing Beginner to Advanced


Josh Parks, demonstrates how to use professional Nuke Cg Compositing techniques to create an amazing show reel piece.

Nuke Deep Compositing Beginner to Advanced

Josh Parks, demonstrates how to use professional Nuke Deep Compositing techniques he’s used on Ready Player One and other films to create an amazing show reel piece.

Ben Nicolof

“My mentor Josh really knows what he's doing and is a great inspiration, he's always encouraging me to push further and guiding me on how I can approach tasks with proper industry methods”

Mary Poutakidis

“I wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you've taught me over the past year. Sitting back and watching my reel, it's just amazing how much I've learned and it's really thanks to your patience, understanding and methods of teaching. Hands down the best way to learn is with someone that is living and breathing what they're actually teaching.”

Mark walmanHead of VFX - Hertfordshire University

“Josh is without doubt the best visiting lecture we have ever had. Having such a deep understanding of the subject of compositing is one thing. The harder part is communicating this to students in a clear and effective manor. This is what Josh excels at. He has a natural ability to read the crowd and adjust his presentations accordingly. Josh’s knowledge is bang up to date while also paying respect to the underlying theory of what is he showing”

Wicus LabuschagneFreelance VFX Supervisor

“I bought this last week, watched it in an evening and picked up awesome tips ( never though about doing chromatic abberation this imply) Well worth it!”

Jack PondCompositor - The Mill

“Josh's immense enthusiasm and ability to explain technically challenging compositing makes him an exceptional teacher. As well as helping me become a better compositor Josh has helped me gain a wider knowledge of the industry making it more employable. His honesty, professionalism, and knowledge have been an invaluable part of my education in Visual Effects.”

Your Instructor - Josh Parks

I’m a London based compositor currently working at MPC Advertising, previously ILM/DNEG/MPC, passionate about the little details that sell an image.

I specialise in Compositing in Nuke, as well as roto prep and python scripting. My work and articles have featured in 3D World, 3D Artist magazine, CGtuts+, 3DTotal and 3dvf.

I’ve also had the pleasure of lecturing at some of the best Universities in the world.