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Freelance Compositor

Ashley Mohabir

My name is Ashley and I have been working as a Compositor for four years now. I studied Visual Effects at the University of Hertfordshire and since then I have been working in big and small companies such as MPC, DNEG and ILM in London, Montréal and currently Tokyo.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice is probably something that me and Josh were both taught which is “don't be a dick”. It's a surprisingly small industry and just being helpful, doing your best and showing your committed to your team will go a long way.

Do you have any advice for vfx artists looking to work in another country?

I do encourage those who ask to try taking work in another country. We work in industry that makes the opportunity to work abroad very available and I think everyone should make the most of that. I have made friends from so many different countries all over the world in this industry, it's a really special part of working in VFX.

I always find that the current team I am working with will have mutual friends of mine that have worked with them previously. No matter where I am in the World!

What apps, gadgets, or tools make your days better?

I have a pair of 1MORE Triple Driver earphones that I take everywhere. They are awesome little things - really help me focus when I'm working.

Is there a Nuke gizmo you use that you can find on nukepedia?

Pixelfudger! A great bunch of gizmos that have helped me out many times in the past. I always make sure I have them installed when I start a new show.

What are you listening to at work at the moment?

I listen to music all the time. Especially when I need to knuckle down and blast through some comps. Rap and Hip Hop to Soul and Reggae. But I always come back to the ChilledCow low fi hip hop radio on Youtube. Nice and easy.

Ash's Reel

How do you recover after a crunch at the end of a show?

At the end of a long show I like to have a trip abroad booked. I find it's a great way to switch your work brain off, get yourself out and about and start picking up inspiration for the next project.

Do you have a side project?

I like to shoot and cut travel films using my sony alpha. Shooting video and understanding how a camera works is really helpful with compositing, especially when adding those little nuances that can take your comp to that next level.

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